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Wheeled Bin Repair

Under the trade name of Bin Surgeons, Midland Environmental Services ltd, has teamed up with Container Components, Europes leading supplier of Duraflex lids and Waste Container Parts such as Wheels, Castors, Hinge Bracket Sets, Hinge Rods, Locks and Keys,to provide a complete container repair and refurbishment service.

Bin Surgeons are amongst the first in Ireland to provide a truly effective waste container renovation service. At our dedicated Container Repair Centre our Refurbishment Operators will assess all bins and replace any damaged components as necessary. Where possible repaired components will be reused on the refurbished bins, therefore ensuring that the reuse and recycling ethos is adhered to at all times.


Container Repairs

Throughout its life, a waste container comes in for some punishment. Mechanical bin lifters, rough handling and poor ground conditions all contribute to a rapid deterioration, which eventually results in the failure of the unit. In order to maximise a bins efficiency and longevity requires expert maintenance.

At Bin Surgeons, we have made an art form of “breathing new life” into an old damaged bin that would otherwise be scrapped. Utilising specialist equipment and the best available parts our skilled fitters will assess each container and replace any broken lids, wheels or side lifting trunions as necessary. All bins will be sprayed up to their original colour or can be changed to fit in with a companies corporate identity.

Our ultimate goal is to restore your bin to pristine working condition, at a fraction of the cost of a new unit.

Roll Top Bin Conversions

With most new designs there are problems e.g. weak points, design imperfections etc. The Roll Top container is no exception. With so many moving parts, the lids break or get jammed open or shut making it difficult and costly to replace. Lid lugs, essential for a secure lift, after some time become damaged and subsequently damage the bin.

Instead of investing in a new unit with its potential new set of problems and large capital outlay, simply put the fault right with a low maintenance, quality flat top conversion. A simple modification that will provide years of service and is compatible with all existing waste vehicles.

At our premises in Mountrath, our skilled craftsmen will remove the roll top lid and replace it with a quality flat top “Duraflex” lid. All other parts of the bin will be inspected further with any necessary items being repaired or replaced.