Taylor Street Recycling Bring Bank

Taylor Street™ is perfect for high footfall areas including housing & apartments estates where waste can soon fill and then overflow from standard, low capacity recycling and collection bins – both off-putting for the public and time-consuming to tidy up.

Developed in conjunction with Europe’s leading urban designers, bold colours and a unique design make the uniquely modular Street™ stand out without dominating the landscape, while still refreshing tired looking bring sites and old style bin stores.

By making such a positive impact on urban space, Street™ can become a focal point for on street waste collection and recycling on the go, helping raise awareness of daily life recycling issues. Taylor Street™ is the ultimate solution to the need for aesthetically pleasing bins.

And, with an optional freestanding steel base, Street™ also is easy to install, where you need it and without the need for costly groundworks or planning consent often associated with on street high and low rise recycling facilities.

Bring Bank Features

Aesthetically Pleasing

The aesthetic nature of the design attracts attention encourages participation in the use of the containers.

Large Area for Graphics

A large area reserved for graphics allows communication of the intended use of the units leading to a higher participation rate.

Taylor Street Options

  • A Range of Logos
  • A Range of Lid Colours
  • Modular System
  • Freestanding Base Plate
  • A Range of Body Colours
  • Vermin Control Brushes
  • Paper Slot Lid
  • Large Aperture Lid

Taylor Street Dimensions

taylor street dimensions

BEFORE Taylor Street Installation

Untidy and less attractive, bins on their own do not encourage recycling. They do not appeal to urban developers, planners or high density housing

taylor street before

AFTER Taylor Street Installation

Creates a focal point for recycling and waste collection which is aesthetically pleasing and increases the rates of recycling in urban areas.

taylor street after

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