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Product Datasheet

Re-POINT Outdoor Recycle Bins

Discreet, rational pieces of urban furniture designed to create aesthetically pleasing recycling points. Re-point enhances the look and functionality of areas set aside for sorted-waste collecting.

Wheeled containers, for mechanised emptying, or disposal liners, for manual emptying, are placed inside. The top lid enables efficient waste posting. Re-point can be used indoors or outdoors, singly or in groups according to waste collection needs and schedules, in pedestrian zones, squares and crowded areas, in beach lidos, on beaches and in shopping centres, community facilities, schools, airports and even in the communal areas of blocks of flats and apartments

A unique characteristic of re-point is the automatic flap, which enables hands-free, hygienic waste posting. A special sensor and an automatic device powered by a solar battery enable the flap to open and close without the user having to touch it.

Re-POINT Technical Features


  • sturdy corrosion-proof polyethylene, to withstand knocks, bumps, and the worst of the weather; easy to clean


  • shell-shaped body; front door with metal hinges; hinged flap on posting slot


  • with adjustable rubber feet or pre-fitted for ground-fastening


  • front, with concealed hinges and triangular-key lock

Posting slot:

  • fixed with customised slots according to the type of materials to be collected
  • inward-opening hinged flap. The flap can be free, pedal-activated or activated by a
  • sensor with an automatic opening device
  • maximum slot dimensions: 400 x 200 mm


  • grey body and door, posting slots in green, yellow, blue; other colours on request

Optional features:

  • internal wheelie bin for mechanical emptying
  • holder for disposable bin liners
  • scratch-proof stickers and transfers with graphics and instructions for use
  • automatic sensor-triggered device to open the flap, powered by solar-charged battery
  • front pedal to open the flap
  • ballast and bolt anchors for ground-fastening

Capacity & Dimensions

Capacity: 240 Litres

Width: 720mm

Depth: 881mm

Height: 1500mm




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