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2 Wheeled Bin Recycling Frame

  • Universal fit for most manufacturer's models.
  • Tough and sturdy 5mm steel fabrication.
  • Improves recycling site image.
  • Galvanised steel or stove enamel finish.
  • Ideal for sites where space and access is limited.
  • Popular for use in rural areas, inner cities and flats/apartments.
  • Practical and simple to use.
  • Flexible bespoke design for any mould of wheeled bin.
  • 1 to 5 place in line or up to 5 + 5 back-to-back.
  • One lever action to release all bins in line.
  • Eye catching optional overhead signage.
  • Lid opening restrictors with optional label plates.
  • Eye-level vinyls on label plates for visual clarity.
  • Cleaner segregation of materials.
  • Post or wall mountable and interchangeable.
  • Paving slab tray option for temporary locations.
  • Supplied with handling, site selection, fitting and operating instructions.
  • Competitive pricing.


All equipment is built to order and can be made to fit any mould of wheeled bin; we would be pleased to quote for both clamps and bins as required. There are various options to choose from with a choice of finish in galvanised steel, recommended for external sites including seaside locations, or stove enamel paint in any colour for internal sites.


The handles of each wheeled bin are clamped from 1 up to 5 placements in-line, with one lever action to release or secure the containers, using a chamber padlock keyed alike. Placements can be back-to-back allowing up to 10 placements per site (about the area of a typical car parking space) without needing extra posts.


For 2 or more places, a maximum of 2 galvanised steel posts are needed with the option of high posts and an overhead slot for retaining a signboard e.g. text RECYCLING CENTRE signboards are maximum 2,400 long x 400mm high, are normally silkscreen printed for durability and can be customised to include logos.


Each mainframe clamp can be directly wall mounted or fixed to galvanised steel posts. Posts can either have a base plate and 4 bolt holes for permanent fixing into a prepared level concrete base, be fitted to a soil anchoring device or alternatively be supplied with a paving slab tray with bins on the slabs, to weight the whole unit. The latter option gives the flexibility to install and remove the Micro Recycling clamps at temporary locations e.g. market places, shows, festivals and fetes and in more sensitive residential areas where public acceptance of the facility first needs to be gained.


Lid opening restrictors can be fitted to either keep the lid of the bin completely closed or to allow the lid to be raised (usually 150-200mm), with a wide enough gap to allow recyclate (but not sacks of refuse) to be placed in the bin. Segregated materials can still be posted through a lid aperture in the bin. Lid locks on wheeled bins are not usually necessary with lid opening restrictors, which are welded at a set angle to the clamp. Label plates can be a part of each lid restrictor with a vinyl label at eye level for visual clarity, indicating the material to be segregated and placed into each bin e.g. CANS, GLASS, PLASTIC BOTTLES, PAPER or LITTER. Optional tactile signs in Braille can be supplied to aid the visually impaired.

We would be pleased to quote for clamps, wheeled bins and signage



MES Ireland Supply, Deliver Install & Commission

We offer a comprehensive installation and commissioning service, from large scale recycling projects to a single installation we can offer assistance & guidance from the pre-planning stage to the installation day.

For further information on any of our extended services please contact us

events waste bin rental



Every outdoor trade show, concert, or festival is now keen to demonstrate their ‘GREEN’ ethos and MES can now facilitate this with the launch of our high profile ‘Event Recycling Centres’ for the segregation of waste at source.

  • 5 x 240ltr wheeled bins c/w round aperture openings in the lid and signage on front body to denote the required waste stream Galvanised frame
  • 5 x paving slabs for stability. No need to fix to the ground
  • Aluminium sign
  • Area for corporate logos etc
  • On the rental arrangement, we will deliver to locations on site and collect again, when empty, at the end of the event.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our external waste solutions

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