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Underground waste Collection System

Midland Environmental Services have formed a strategic partnership with its European partners, Kliko-WTS from Holland, to introduce a revolutionary new underground waste collection container system into Ireland know as Mol®. Unlike other underground systems where both the underground and overground sections are lifted out of the ground for emptying, the Mol® Pick-Up system employs a unique Spring Lid system whereby only the inner container is lifted from the concrete pit when it has to be emptied.

Mol® Pick-Up System Features

Other features unique to the Mol® Pick-Up system include

  • Restricted Access to the deposit columns using rfid cards unique to each individual user i.e. household or apartment. This allows each customer to be charged on a pay by volume basis.
  • Option to restrict users, when placing waste into the deposit column, to fill either a 40 litre or 60 litre capacity chamber at any one time.
  • A large, 5m3 capacity inner container with only the deposit column visible above the ground.
  • A low deposit column height for ease of access




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underground bin emptying operation

Underground Container Emptying Operation

The waste collection vehicle pulls up alongside the underground units and automatically opens the unique Spring Lid by way of applying a current through a stainless steel poll located in front of the underground units.

When the lid is in the fully open position the underground container is removed from the ground using a three hook system mounted onto the end of the vehicles crane.

As this container is being removed a spring loaded safety platform rises to prevent the operator or passers by from falling into the space left by the inner container.

The inner container is raised up to the waste vehicle and emptied through the bottom of the container using the three hook system, much the same way that the bottle banks for glass are emptied.

When emptied the bottom of the container is closed and returned to the ground using the crane and the spring loaded floor automatically depresses with the weight of the container as it is lowered into the ground.

Resident Operation of Underground Container

When a customer wishes to dispose of their waste or recyclables they can bring their materials to the underground container area.

Using their unique rfid swipe card they use this to open the lid to the above ground deposit column.

Any waste or recyclables are loaded into the 40 litre or 60 litre capacity chamber.

When the chamber is full the lid is closed and this opens a trap door to allow the deposited waste to fall into the underground waste storage container.

Each time a resident uses the system, all of their details are electronically sent to a computer so that a pay-per-use charge can be applied to the customers account.


Underground Waste Containers Gallery

Other Benefits

To the Developer

  • Sets your development apart from others
  • Aesthetically pleasing and quality design
  • Satisfies any planning requirements with regard to waste management
  • The normally “untidy bin store” is transformed into a positive feature

To the Waste Contractor

  • One 5m3 unit equates to 21 no. 240 litre wheeled bins. Efficiencies in collection offer huge operational savings.
  • Ability to offer a unique service over and above the norm.
  • Initial capital outlay is quickly recovered mainly through the pay by volume system.
  • Recycling is encouraged.

To the End-user

  • Accessible to everyone. Deposit column is low enough to encourage children, for example to recycle.
  • Pay by volume system, governed by the electronic access is a fair and equitable answer to current indiscriminate charges.
  • Aesthetic design adds to the streetscape and promotes pride in the area.


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