Underground Recycling System

The Silobin Deep Collection System utilises the forces of nature. The unique design ensures that waste is compacted in the container increasing the capacity.

The cool ground temperature reduces bacterial growth and odour. The large capacity reduces emptying frequency and reduces the problem of overfilled containers.

Reduced Operating Costs

Large capacity, longer emptying cycles, collection costs reduced by up to 50%-80%

Space Saving System

With the standard Silobin Deepload container 2/3 of the capacity is underground , saving valuable space.

Unlike traditional containers, Silobin can be installed off paved surfaces freeing up parking and road space.

The containers can be emptied from any angle at a distance of several meters.

Containers can be installed at a different level from where the emptying vehicle operates and previously unusable space can utilised.

Bin Hygiene

The cool ground temperature helps reduce odour.

By the nature of the Silobin design old waste is covered uniformly by the new waste helping hygiene.

The waste is emptied from Silobin from the bottom helping to keep the filling orifice clean.

The self closing lid stops animals from spreading waste.

The large capacity reduces the chance of overfilling keeping the collection area tidy ; When people find an area tidy they tend to leave it tidy

Health & Safety

Silobin containers are fixed in the ground and therefore cannot be blown over in strong winds, stolen, set on fire moved against other property.

There are no heavy lids or edges for users to injure themselves on.

The height and size of the filling orifice ensures that no one can fall in accidently.

Less service traffic.


Silobin Easy Installation

The Silobin installation is very straight forward, requiring no expensive groundwork.

The containers are installed to a depth of 1.75m, the hole is then backfilled with soil and gravel, no concrete is required. Fast and low cost, easy to retrofit in almost any location.

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