Olivia Bulk Oil Collection

Olivia bulk collection bunkers (200 and 500 litre) for receiving used vegetable oil pre-sorted in EcoHouse canisters. The collection bunkers are perfect for for commercial & household use to take separated used vegetable oil for recycling.

Oil Collection Bunkers Options

  • For the Selective Collection of Waste Vegetable Oils
  • Olivia double containers in rotationally moulded HDPE
  • Olivia 200 and 500 litre internal capacity, inside outer container (500 and 1000 litre respectively).
  • Olivia inner and outer container is a one piece moulding, no welds.
  • H-Oli 115 litre bunker for communal sites or door-to-door collection.
  • The bunkers can either be pumped out on site or transported (in accordance with ADR Transport Regulations).
  • Lids have a level guage with anti-fill and anti-spill aperture locking mechanisms.
  • Optional signboards, metal supports and framework fixings.
  • Olivia anti-slip footboards for improved safety and environmental site management.


ecoworks waste oil emptying from unit

Waste Oil Containers Brochure

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