URBA PLUS 30-40 Caddy

Urba Plus is a space-saving stackable caddy container for the home or office, for pre-sorting wastes. More waste resources can be segregated at source, to improve the recycling rate and the quality of the material recovered.

Urba Plus bins can be stacked two or three high in a stable tower, in the space of one. Filling is easy with the lid flap, utilising the full capacity of each container, without the need to move the bins.

Capacitys & Volume

Urba Plus 30 has a capacity of 30 liters

Urba Plus 40 has a capacity of 40 liters.


  • Made of recycled PP
  • 100% recyclable PP
  • Stabilised against the effects of UV rays; resistant to atmospheric agents, chemical detergents and biological matter.


  • Double hinged front flap on the lid allows filling when the containers are stacked.
  • Front flap with finger touch locking, to prevent spillage and littering.
  • The flap allows the entire void inside the bin to be filled.
  • Close fitting hinged lid with locking mechanism.
  • Clip-on lid for quick easy assembly or lid replacement
  • Against a wall, the lid may be fully opened without needing extra space.
  • Lid with drainage channels and sloping flap for rain water run off.


  • Sturdy lowered hinges for fitting a compostable liner
  • Radius corners to allow a sack to be suspended inside the bin.
  • Stackable or wall mountable
  • Rear raised grip handle improves handling, to be used with gloves.
  • Smooth internal surface for easy cleaning
  • Rounded interior edges at the base to prevent residue build-up
  • Recessed non-slip hand grip on the base to make emptying easier when the bin is inverted
  • Stepped side walls and wrap around top rim for extra strenght
  • Front rim recess as extra handling point.
  • Front rim imprinting area for braille
  • Microchip nest
  • Practical rectangular base for folded newspapers or bottles.
  • Stackable in a stable vertical tower wiht minimal footprint, to optimise the use of space.


  • Vertical handle with two pivot points, with liner trap prevention.
  • Lid locking mechanism to prevent spillage and interference from birds and animals.
  • Strong vertical black handle with non-slip comfort grip.
  • Handle can be set in vertical position, to reduce the need for bending.
  • Two lid opening positions, two lid locking positions.
  • Imprinted locking/unlocking guide on lid.
  • Fast unlocking by moving the handle 70° from the locking position


  • Certified post-consumer recycled PP content
  • Braille imprinting one letter to symbolise each type of resource material collected.
  • Thermal transfer printing in white on front flap or on body side, with option for bar coding.
  • Lid imprinting
  • Flap or body IML printing up to 4 colours.
  • Microchip insertion
  • High visibility clip-on reflectors on each side of the bin.
  • Wide range of other colours available on request




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Urba Plus 30-40 Caddy Datasheet

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