Static Garden Compost Maker

The Static Compost Bin range is designed to facilitate aerobic composting - a simple and efficient way to produce compost from organic waste, and reduce the amount of garden and food waste sent to landfill.

Organisms such as bacteria, insects and worms work together with mixed organic waste, moisture and air inside the compost bin, to transform kitchen waste into top quality, garden compost. Rotationally moulded from 100% recycled polyethylene, these compost bins can nestle undisturbed in almost any garden and help gardeners produce quality compost in a single, self-contained unit.

UV stabilisation helps protects the range from the damaging effects of sunlight, whilst the rotational moulding process produces a seamless, stress free container, which is at home in even the harshest winters. For ease of use and access, the compost bin incorporates an entry lid and bottom outlet door. The optional kitchen caddie is ideal for conveniently and cleanly collecting and depositing food waste to any composter.

Composter Features

  • Hinging lid
  • Bottom discharge with hinging door
  • Ventilated base

Capacity & Dimensions

Capacity: 330 Litre

Height: 1000mm

Diameter: 800mm


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