Compost Converter Garden Composting Bin

This Composting Bin is effective and simple to use, the Compost Converter is a great way of turning most kitchen and garden waste into a rich soil conditioner.

Tough construction

  • Strong and durable rigid design

Windproof lid

  • Push-fit windproof lid
  • Prevents the contents from blowing away

Wide aperture

Enables easy filling of the composter

Side hatch

  • Extra wide hatch
  • Allows easy removal of the finished compost


  • No assembly required
  • Body, lid and hatch only – no other parts

Recycled content

  • Black colour moulded from 100% post consumer recycled material
  • Green colour moulded from at least 75% post consumer recycled material


  • Guaranteed for 10 years


  • Composters are available in either green or black
  • Both sizes feature a black side hatch
  • Custom colours on request subject to quantity

Base plate option

  • Increases ventilation to speed up composting
  • Improves drainage
  • Restricts access by vermin
  • Fits both sizes
  • Diameter 830mm

Dimensions 330 Litre Unit

Capacity: 330 Litres

Diameter: 800mm

Height: 1000mm

Dimensions 220 Litre Unit

Capacity: 220 Litres

Diameter: 740mm

Height: 900mm


Please contact us if you have any questions about this range.

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