Secure Console Confidential Waste Bins

Duraflex Console Junior for the Secure disposal of office documents, durable heavy duty unit complete with self closing lock, reduced size unit for smaller spaces.

Dimensions & Weight

  • Weight: 23-27kgs
  • Height: 610mm
  • Width: 540mm

Confidential Bin Specifications

  • 180 degree nylon hinge for obstructed collection
  • Nylon Bag hooks makes bag fit tight. No paper misses the bag
  • Durable modular base slides easily and supports door in all directions
  • Internal lock plate and double turn lock for added security
  • One key can open all.


Console Bin Ergonomics Review




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duraflex console hinge

180 degree nylon hinge for unobstructed collection


Nylon bag hooks ensure bag is tight fitting & no paper misses the bag


Durable modular base slides easily and supports door in all directions


One key opening system for all secure console bins

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