Confidential Waste Wooden Consoles

Our console bins are made to last and will stand the test of time, tested by Certified Ergonomists and rated high in safety and ergonomics.

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Secure Lockable Confidential Bin Range

MES Ireland provide a comprehensive range of Secure Confidential Bins & Consoles. Regardless of your required bin or capacity we have a confidential bin to suit all requirements including;

  • Deskside Confidential Bins
  • Plastic Confidential Bins
  • Metal Confidential Bins
  • Stainless Steel Confidential Bins
  • Large Office Confidential Bins
  • Confidential Wheelie Bins 140L
  • Confidential Wheelie Bins 240L
  • Mobile Confidential Bins


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Confidental Waste Solutions

We supply our confidential range of bins to offices, corporate headquarters, universities/colleges & banking institutions, everything from large capacity confidential recycling to the discreet disposal of confidential waste.

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MES Supply, Deliver & Install

mes supply deliver install services

MES Ireland Supply, Deliver Install & Commission

As well as supply & delivery of our waste solutions we offer a comprehensive installation and commissioning service, from large scale recycling projects to a single installation we can offer assistance & guidance from the pre-planning stage to the installation day. We offer a full commissioning service where all the units are checked and a report is submitted

For further information on any of our extended services please contact us