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Infinity™ Smoking Management Solutions

The Rubbermaid Infinity range has sophisticated styling and all-metal construction for attractive and efficient smoking litter management. They come with a recessed extinguishing screen to avoid smoldering, a cureved cap to prevent items being placed on top, extra security against tampering or theft and the range coems complete with holes for bolting to the ground,

Infinity Ashbin Series Features

  • High-capacity receptacles for heavy traffic areas.
  • Stainless steel snuff plates.
  • Weighted bases and bolt-down options for added stability outdoors.
  • 360º disposal area.
  • Domed tops for weather resistance.
  • Integrated padlock tabs provide security against tampering and theft.


to snuff butts and avoid smoldering.


no items or waste can be placed on the top and prevents water from entering the canister.


provide security against tampering and theft.


help the container to remain stable and add security




MES Ireland Supply, Deliver Install & Commission

We offer a comprehensive installation and commissioning service, from large scale recycling projects to a single installation we can offer assistance & guidance from the pre-planning stage to the installation day.

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Ashbin Litter Signage & Liner Bags


We provide a full range of Decals & Signage options for our Litter & Ash Bin ranges, for further details, see our signage section here


We provide a comprehensive range of bags to suit our waste and recycling products, as well as standard liner bags we can provide compostable & degradable options. See our Liner Bag Section for further information.

Infinity Ashbin Range Details

ReferenceColour CodeDescriptionButt capacityMaterialDimensions
FG9W3100SS BLA Stand Alone 1500 Stainless Steel/Metal ø 40.0 x 100.0 cm
FG9W3200SS BLA Wall Mount 700 Stainless Steel/Metal ø 30.0 x 46.0 cm
FG9W3300 BLA Genie 5000 Metal ø 33.0 x 100.0 cm
FG9W3400 BLA High Capacity 8000 Metal ø 40.0 x 101.0 cm

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